Private Toddler Piano

Toddler Piano Lessons
 are offered to students at age 4. Toddler Piano lessons are taught with a play-based curriculum that is designed to introduce the young toddler to the joy of music. A 30-minute weekly, private lesson is perfect for students age 4. Our curriculum is written to provide appropriate piano instruction for 4-year-olds. This series is a comprehensive approach to musical learning that develops singing and listening skills simultaneously with an appreciation for a variety of musical styles. These lessons are designed to prepare the student for the more formal style lessons at age 5. For younger students, a portable keyboard is acceptable for the beginning stages of learning.


Our Curriculum includes

Basic Physical Fundamentals
Posture, position at the piano.

Rhythm Development
Introduction to basic rhythm and tempo.

All toddler piano lessons are taught privately and are 30 minutes each week.

All New students pay one-time $35 registration fee and $60 materials fee.

Group Lesson Program
30 minute weekly lesson in groups of 2 to 4 students

$95 monthly tuition

Standard Lesson Program

Private lessons available
30 minute weekly lesson $140
Participation in BSoM Loyalty Program
Access to Student Portal Teacher Zone
2 make ups per month allowed



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