Instrument Recommendations


We are very proud to be an Amazon Affiliate.

At Birmingham School of Music, we don't sell musical instruments or equipment. This is because we don't want our student's lessons to be tainted by an underlying motivation to sell an instrument or equipment.

But as experts in the area of music and music education, we are often called upon to recommend an appropriate instrument for a new student. So, in an effort to make it easier for our students and their parents, we have created a list of instruments, available at, that would be suitable entry-level instruments.

Keep in mind that the instruments on our Recommendation List have been chosen based on suitability toward learning. There are many instruments available in the "entry level" category. But often a very low-end, cheap instrument of poor quality will have a negative impact on a students ability to learn and make progress.

The instruments on our Recommendation List have been evaluated and determined to be of a quality such to not hinder the learning experience.