Voice Lessons

For Voice Lessons, some students can start voice lessons as young as age 5. But an appropriate curriculum must be used in order to successfully teach a young student the joy of singing. Age 8 is the recommended age for young students who are interested in learning to sing. Due to the physical nature of voice lessons (proper breathing techniques, development of vocal chords and lung capacity), a student under the age of 8 is generally not yet ready for the demands of vocal technique. A 30-minute weekly lesson is perfect for students age 5 to 10. For older students a 1 hour weekly lesson may be more appropriate. Just remember that available practice time between lessons is an important factor to consider when deciding how long a student’s weekly lesson should be. Students who take a 1 hour lesson will be given more material to prepare for the next lesson and will require more practice time than the student taking a 30 minute weekly lesson.

Our curriculum includes

Basic Physical Fundamentals
Posture, stance, breath support.

Reading Fundamentals
Introduction to basic music reading skills and sight reading.

Rhythm Fundamentals
Introduction to basic rhythm and tempo.

Practice Skills

Developing a practice regimen, setting goals, measuring progress.

All voice lessons are taught privately and are available in either 30 minutes or 60 minutes each week.

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