Beginners Guide to Purchasing a Drum Set

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


A Beginners Guide to Purchasing a Drum Set

If you’re in the market for a new drum set, the number of options can be a little intimidating. There are many brands, sizes, colors, and setups that you can choose from. We will include some examples of drum sets that are very similar in sizes and quality to the ones that student use at BSM. Cymbals and hardware will not always be included when you buy a drum set. We will also discuss what to look for when buying cymbals and hardware.


A standard drum set will consist a 22” bass drum, a 14” snare drum, and 10”, 12”, and 14” tom-toms. The drum sets that we use at the school are setup in this configuration. This is a set-up that can be used to play any genre of music.


Pearl Export Drum Set- $649
Comes with hardware
Cymbals sold separately


Mapex Mars - $599
Cymbals and Hardware sold separately

Yamaha Stage Custom - $649
Cymbals and Hardware not included


Drum Heads

It is very important to use quality drumheads on your new set. This will help the drums to sound as good as they possibly can. Remo and Evans are the companies to stick with. They make great drumheads that are durable and sound great. Each type of drum with have a specific kind of head, meaning a bass drum will need a bass drum head, and a snare drum will need a snare drum head. Each drumhead will also have a size that corresponds with the size of the drum. A “Batter” head will go on the top of the drum, and a “Resonant” head goes on the bottom. Here are some examples to get you started.

Remo Ambassador - $12

Evans EMAD2 Bass Drum Head - $35

Evans EC2 Tom Head Pack - $42


When buying cymbals, you can either buy them separately or in a complete set. The student will need a ride cymbal, hi-hat cymbals, and at least one crash cymbal. This is how our drum sets are set up at the school, some having two crash cymbals. We suggest brands such as Zildjian and Sabian. We use both of these brands at BSM and they sound great.


Here are some examples of complete cymbal packs that you can purchase from Zildjian and Sabian. These will be very similar to what our students use in their private lessons. Both companies also offer great cymbals at lower and higher price levels. Also keep in mind that they do not have to be purchased as a complete pack and can be bought individually.

Zildjian A Series Cymbal Pack - $699


  • 21” Ride Cymbal
  • 14” Hi-hats
  • 16” Crash Cymbal
  • 18” Crash Cymbal 

Sabian XSR Series Performance Pack - $524


  • 20” Ride Cymbal
  • 14” Hi-hats
  • 16” Crash
  • 18” Crash



When someone talks about hardware on a drum set, they’re referring to cymbal stands, a snare drum stand, hi-hat stand, and bass drum pedal. Like cymbals, hardware can be purchased as a complete set or separately. Companies like Gibraltar, Pearl, DW, and Yamaha make great drum hardware.

Here’s an example of a basic hardware pack.

Yamaha Hardware Pack – $259


  • Snare Stand
  • Bass Drum Pedal
  • Hi-hat Stand
  • 2 Boom Cymbal Stands


Don’t forget a drum throne! Drum thrones vary in shape and quality so it’s important to find one that is comfortable for the student to sit on. We suggest trying out some different styles and brands to figure what is most comfortable to the student.

ROC-N-SOC Throne - $164

Gibraltar Motorcycle Style Throne - $60

As always, let us know if you have any questions when you decide to purchase a new drum set. We will be glad to help!